Chosen Payments Assists Operator Who Was Scammed

Posted on March 10, 2017

Wikimedia Commons photo

Wikimedia Commons photo

Chosen Payments, was recently contacted by a limo operator in New Jersey who recently incurred combined losses of about $4,200 in repeated occurrences of fraud perpetrated against them.

On March 8, Chosen Payments was contacted by Deanna Gulino, owner of Gem Limousine Worldwide to report that someone had used various names and credit card numbers to fraudulently book transportation primarily between LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) and a residence in the Griffith Park area of Los Angeles.

Between Feb. 17 and Feb. 23, the suspect initiated rides that lasted for several hours and included stops at The Project, a swanky nightclub on Hollywood Boulevard, The El Rey Theater, and a jazz club as well as stops at private residences.

The suspect used a mobile app to place orders directly into Gem’s Santa Cruz software system. Upon completion of the order, the credit card was declined each time.

After learning of this situation, Chosen Payments immediately contacted Detective Michael Gentry with the LAX Police Department since the theft technically began and ended at the airport where transportation services originated and concluded.

Chosen Payments advises operators to pre-authorize a credit card unless a client is an established client of the company to avoid such losses. Additionally, Chosen Payments would like to share information specifically for Los Angeles based operators who might find themselves in the same situation as Gem is no longer accepting these orders.

The suspect uses the following names: Aren Carter, Aren Green, Jason Friedman and Paul LeRoy. The most frequent addresses for pick-ups and drops offs are: 6459 Rodgerton and 822 No. Formosa in Los Angeles.

Should any operator take an order that may be associated with this suspect, please contact Detective Michael Gentry with the LAX PD at (424)646-8351 or contact Jim Luff at Chosen Payments at (805) 427-9180.

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  • Izzy Guzman

     | about 3 years ago

    We have a similar case here in Miami, between February 27 and March3rd, the difference is all the cards they use with us were going thru without a problem, we even have the actual photos of the cards and driver license. but 2 weeks later we start receiving charge backs because credit cards were fraudulent. what else we can do to protect ourselves if even with all those documents we still got burned?.

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