BMW 5 Series Is More Luxury Than Sport

Posted on March 6, 2017

Photo via BMW
In a former life, the 5 Series was the sports sedan, the car Audi and Mercedes-Benz engineers saw in their sleep. A perfect stew of tossable handling, smooth power, a full-size trunk, and room for the kiddies, it offered speed-thirsty parents salvation. Then came the sixth generation 5 Series (2010-2016), which abandoned the driver-centric mantra for a softer, heavier, and cushier drive.

The seventh gen 5 Series is here to reclaim its reputation, or at least some of it. It’s still packed with high-end tech, and it’s a touch bigger than the outgoing car, but it’s also 137 pounds lighter, thanks to helpings of aluminum, high-strength steel, and magnesium.

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