Uber CEO Argues With Driver Over Fares

Posted on February 28, 2017

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick (photo from Helsenberg Media via Flickr.com CC license here)

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick (photo from Helsenberg Media via Flickr.com CC license here)

There’s no question it’s been a hard year for Kalanick and Uber—or really, a bad year compressed down into an awful three months. And it keeps getting worse.

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  • Sid Forougi

     | about 4 years ago

    One of the requirement to operate a transportation company is privacy and confidentiality. Customers need to have confidence that their routes, conversations or conduct during a ride will be kept confidential by a driver. Although essential, confidentiality is sometimes a forgotten part in transportation services. Mr. Fawzi Kamel operates a black car, the high-end service and is a subcontractor of Uber. He has entered into a contract with Uber to use Uber technology to provide transportation service and generate revenue for his business. Mr. Kamel does not work for Travis Kalanick nor employed by Uber. But Mr. Kamel should have neither offered private information to the public nor lampoon the very industry to which he owes his livelihoods. Mr. Kamel is in violation of confidentiality, with obvious contempt he chose to pointlessly skewer a passenger who happened to be Travis Kalanick publicly. We all should stop condemning and complaining about Uber and Travis Kalanick and start learning from him. Regardless of his arrogance, Travis is not only a successful entrepreneur and visionary but marketing genius who has transformed transportation industry.

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