Towne Livery Embraces The New Continental In Movie Trailer

Martin Romjue
Posted on February 22, 2017

A new David Bastian emerges in the movie trailer, fully embracing the Lincoln (photos courtesy of David Bastian)

A new David Bastian emerges in the movie trailer, fully embracing the Lincoln (photos courtesy of David Bastian)

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — For the last three years, industry vehicle seller David Bastian has challenged himself to promote his dealership and the industry’s top trade show in an entertaining way.

Just released Feb. 22 is his latest creative attempt, a mock movie trailer with a brief storyline about embracing the new 2017 Lincoln Continental sedan while invoking the International LCT Show theme of “Embrace The New.”

The video was professionally shot by movie director-producer Peter McGennis, head of Galora productions, who does TV ads for Towne Livery where Bastian works as commercial sales manager.

In the video, the Continental talks to Bastian about embracing the new and ditching his typical routine. It’s an apt illustration of how the chauffeured transportation industry has awaited a luxury sedan it can be as excited about as the former Lincoln Town Car, retired in 2011.

“Look how many operators have bought the Continental in last six months,” Bastian told LCT. “It’s the hottest vehicle in the industry. The car in many ways does talk to you, even if you’re not ready to buy one. It’s new, modern, and tremendous for the industry.”

While the Continental has captured the industry’s devotion, the Lincoln MKT Town Car, a crossover model that debuted to the industry in 2012, still attracts robust sales, Bastian said. In fact, MKT sales have been increasing of late.

“There were people in 2012 who did embrace the new when a sedan was replaced with crossover, but there was a big part of market that didn’t embrace it,” Bastian said. “Those people found other products to buy. What I’m seeing is people who left are coming back now and embracing the new product because this is more of what they had in mind for their business. There are just people who have a need for the sedan.”

Co-star Ella steals the show.

Co-star Ella steals the show.

“There is still a strong niche market for the MKT,” Bastian said. “The Continental has not eliminated the MKT. It just speaks to a different crowd.”

Co-starring in the video, partly shot at Bastian’s home, is his pet dog, Ella, a Chihuahua mix. Ella has been on camera before when featured locally on a news story and her journey to Buffalo. The Bastian family adopted her after she was rescued from West Virginia.

Special Offer: Lincoln Limousine & Livery Vehicles is offering $1,000 show cash to interested buyers of the 2015-2017 MY Lincoln MKT, MKS or Lincoln Continental, from Feb. 20 -- April 3. Attendees who test drive the Continental at the Show received a free Lincoln umbrella, while attendees visiting the Ford/Lincoln exhibit can get a free drawn portrait. 

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