Virginia Bill Will Allow TNCs To Run Wild

Tom Halligan
Posted on February 8, 2017

VLA President Paul Walsh is trying to rally opposition to a bill repealing TNC plate Identification.

VLA President Paul Walsh is trying to rally opposition to a bill repealing TNC plate Identification.

Virginia Limousine Association (VLA) President Paul Walsh is astounded something as simple as requiring transportation network companies (TNCs) to have license plate stickers that alert the public the vehicle is registered with the state is about to be repealed by the state legislature.

“Currently, all Uber and Lyft vehicles are required by law to have a gold and black sticker on license plates allowing consumers (and authorities) the ability to know the vehicle has been registered, and hopefully insured, adequately enough to safely get you from Point A to Point B,” Walsh said. “Nothing about this repeal makes sense. Think of the ramifications. Now there will be no way to identify a TNC car. TNCs can just hang out curbside at Dulles and Reagan airports and authorities will have no way of knowing if they are TNCs or not,” he explained.

The two companion House and Senate bills speeding through the legislature will remove the requirement that a TNC driver must register his personal vehicle for use as a “TNC partner” vehicle with the Department of Motor Vehicles. The bill also allows the Department of State Police to recognize another state's annual motor vehicle safety inspection in lieu of a Virginia inspection.

Walsh said there are more than 144,000 TNC vehicles registered in Virginia. “Uber, a $64 billion company, believes this is unnecessary and takes too much time and effort and places a burden on our DMV. The reason we know there are that many vehicles registered is because it was successfully done by our extremely efficient and modern DMV," Walsh said.

The legislation to repeal went under the radar of opposing parties “but this can set a precedent nationwide,” Walsh said, adding the VLA is trying to muster opposition to the repeal before it hits the governor’s desk for approval.

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