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Lexi Tucker
Posted on January 20, 2017

TORONTO, Canada — Birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and nights on the town; limos aren’t just for getting to the airport or an important meeting. Some customers still crave transportation that’s classier than an Uber X Ford Fiesta for leisure runs or special events. Ash Fadil, owner of Party Bus Toronto, still sees big potential in luxury retail chauffeured transportation.

Making Memories

One of the concepts Fadil tries to embed in company culture is how the operation often works with clients on their special occasions. “Granted, some people rent limousines on a regular basis, but for many others, renting a limo or party bus is something they think of and plan for, for a very long time,” he says.

Party Bus Toronto provides transportation on some important days of people’s lives, such as weddings and proms. “I like to think what makes us unique is we realize we do not provide an ordinary service because we are used only on days that are extraordinary!” Therefore, they must meet customer expectations when booking a ride for memorable life events.

That being the case, maximizing customer satisfaction is a must. For example, they provide a few extra features for weddings such as a red carpet the chauffeur puts out for the bride and a complimentary bottle of champagne. “It really goes back to understanding that while it may be a routine day for us, it could be the most special day of our client’s lives. When you comprehend this and come from that perspective, providing the best customer service comes naturally.”

Overcome And Move Forward

As with any business, Party Bus Toronto faced some challenges in the beginning. You must persist in overcoming such obstacles, Fadil says. “Once you rise above that initial resistance, then it’s possible to run a much smoother operation.”

One lesson he learned is hiring great people who can make your life much easier. “I wish there was a step-by-step method or magic formula to finding great staff, but unfortunately there isn’t,” he says. “You just have to have great people skills and really try to understand the other person during the interview; you have to try to figure out whether they will fit within the company culture or not.”

Ash Fadil, owner of Party Bus Toronto

Ash Fadil, owner of Party Bus Toronto

This also means at times someone perfectly qualified for a position may not be the right fit. Fadil suggests considering not just on a person’s skill sets, but personality type as well.

When the company hires a new chauffer, one who is more experienced will go with the chauffeur for the first run. Fadil wants to make sure everyone is comfortable and understands what they must do to provide the best service possible. To ensure this, he equips chauffeurs with written procedures on customer service, particularly for weddings.

Future Proof Fleet

Party Bus Toronto was started in 2011 when Fadil had completed some other businesses ventures and was looking for a new challenge. After examining a number of industries, he found himself attracted to luxury ground transportation.

“I see a tremendous potential for growth because society is always advancing,” he explains. “Fifty years ago, a limo ride was a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone. Today, it’s something people might do on a monthly basis or for events like birthdays; events that didn’t really make use of limousines before are now doing so.” Fadil saw this trend continuing in the future, and decided to buy a few limousines and start his operation.

When selecting vehicles, he looked at the history of chauffeured transportation trends. Limo buses haven’t been common in the last 10 years, and most weddings required stretches. This soon transitioned to larger, SUV-style limousines, then Hummer limos, and now party buses. “Limo buses are becoming more luxurious on the inside, so there is room for innovation,” he says.

Now, with a fleet of 14 vehicles, he has tried to cover the entire array of luxury vehicles. These include stretch limousines suitable for 10 passengers, as well as large party buses that can carry 40 or more. They have an array of SUV limos, like the Lincoln Navigator. “One of the unique vehicles we have is a Ford F650 dubbed the ‘Hummer Killer.’ It’s wider on the inside and provides a more relaxing and comfortable ride for our customers.”

What’s Next?

Fadil is proud of the fact his company is one of the largest limo and party bus businesses in Toronto, the largest city in Canada, and is excited for what the future will bring. He plans to add vehicles and would like to expand their limo bus selections to accommodate a wider audience and improve capacity and availability, especially during spring and summer.

For operators interested in gaining more party bus business, he advises: “Just start. It’s important to plan, but when the time is right, action is the key to success.”

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