Atlanta Operator Supports Strength In Numbers

Lexi Tucker
Posted on January 17, 2017

Chad Casey, owner and president of Casey Corporate Transportation

Chad Casey, owner and president of Casey Corporate Transportation

ATLANTA, Ga. — As a NLA member and vice president and one of the founders of the Greater Atlanta Limousine Association (GALA), Chad Casey, owner and president of Casey Corporate Transportation, cares just as much about the industry as he does his affiliates.

“We take our affiliates very seriously because they are our peers,” says the owner and president of Casey Corporate Transportation. “When I’m entrusted with that work, whether it’s local or national, I get involved personally; I double and triple check everything is done to a T like it should be, and ensure it’s flawless.” Of his affiliate work, 70% is farm-in, while 30% is farm-out.

His advice for those who are handing affiliate work with a new company is always tell the truth. “Don’t try to walk your way around it. We know issues happen, and it’s even more painful when it happens to an affiliate. Honesty is always the best policy.”

Casey believes his company is the ideal size to take care of any affiliate need. “We are small and lean enough to be hungry for the work with reasonable rates for the Atlanta market, but we are also large enough to service multiple runs, road shows, and last minute requests,” he explains.

He uses Limo Anywhere and Zipwhip to enable communication and relay every step of a trip to his affiliates. This way, if the client should happen to call the affiliate, they can just look in their system and see the status instead of having to make phone calls to Casey.


To strengthen affiliate relationships, Casey says you must first build trust and relationships by going to shows and/or participating in industry educational groups through The LMC Group (Livery Management Consultants) or Arthur Messina’s Driving Results.

“It helps make everyone stronger,” he says. “Whether it’s under one umbrella or if it’s different companies sharing their technology, we have to work together to fight TNCs. I’m not sure how long they’ll be around or how strong they are going to be, but I do think they’ll eventually just be another kind of taxi cab.”

LCT Connect has been a tool he’s used to try and grow his farm-ins and farm-outs nationally. “I’ve worked well in the Atlanta market, so now it’s time to expand. It’s another way to get your name and brand out there and hopefully grab new business.”

Casey would like other luxury ground transportation companies to know he’ll work very hard for their business. “We know the client in our car is special to the affiliate and we want to make them look good, so we do everything we can to go above and beyond. We want that client to say, ‘the service in Atlanta was excellent.’”

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