Impressing Affiliates Is Simple When You Follow Through

Lexi Tucker
Posted on December 20, 2016

Affiliate relations manager Alysha Moore

Affiliate relations manager Alysha Moore

DENVER, Colo. — Hermes Worldwide’s LCT Connect page is a perfect example of how to create a profile that will grab potential affiliates’ attention in seconds flat: Plentiful photos of branded vehicles, copious contact information, and heaps of details regarding company history, areas of service, and vehicle types.

According to their thorough introduction, the business is woman- and minority-owned, serving “clientele who want to diversify their suppliers.” They consider the fact today’s professional is “mobile, short on time, can be called upon on a moment’s notice, and needs reliable service to be able to focus on the task at hand.”

Because of this, the company has adopted new chauffeur selection criteria,

employed a safety training program, stayed up-to-date with technology, implemented quality control processes, upgraded its fleet, and has built an international affiliate network serving more than 400 cities.

Affiliate relations manager Alysha Moore says the business’ farm-in to farm-out ratio is 35% to 40%. Although she is new to the luxury ground transportation industry, she comes from a background in hospitality. She was employed by Ritz-Carlton for eight years, where she worked hand-in-hand with transportation companies.

“My approach to affiliate work has been to treat our affiliates like clients because in the end they are just as important,” she says. The company’s owner insists if staff members go on personal or business trips, they use affiliates’ services so they can experience the level of service their clients would be receiving.


“We’ve also done quite a few site tours and visits to our affiliates to better understand their operations. We take notes, see what works for them, and then come back and adjust our own way of operating; it’s been very valuable,” she says. Moore also believes timely payments are important when trying to impress affiliates.

When finding out more about a company, Moore believes LCT Connect is a helpful industry tool. “To be visible and available to other companies has been really beneficial,” she says.

An approach she has brought from her background to her new position is to never say no right away.

“Even if someone is asking you something you don’t know, just be honest and say you’ll find out. But the most important part is following up. Send that email or make that call before your shift is over for the day. If you haven’t got to the point where you can give them a good answer, let them know you’re still working on it,” she explains. You don’t want to leave anything open because it makes clients and affiliates call back, explain their question again to someone else, and start all over again.

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  • john michael

     | about 4 years ago

    Being honest is important, communicate well and often, following through, do what you say, say what you do. Mistakes do happen, be upfront always. I have been honest, almost to a fault, But I sleep well and clients appreciate me more.

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