List Of Uber's Shady Activities Never Ends

Posted on December 16, 2016

Uber's got their eye on you! (Photo via Pixabay user geralt)

Uber's got their eye on you! (Photo via Pixabay user geralt)

Uber Employees Secretly Tracked Politicians And Celebrities, Lawsuit Claims: The lawsuit was filed by Ward Spangenberg, who worked on security systems at Uber. The suit claims he dealt with age discrimination, as well as retaliation for blowing the whistle on alleged security lapses and other problems at the company. He was fired 11 months after he started. The declaration also alleges Uber would shut down connectivity in the office during law enforcement raids to stifle investigators, and improperly destroyed documents related to pending litigation. The Verge article here

Driving For Uber, Sleeping In Her Car: Uber driver Terri White naps in her car between rush hours and heats up her lunch at a local gas station. She says one in five Uber drivers she meets sleeps in their car. Vice News article here

Why Is San Francisco Traffic So Bad? Uber And Lyft Are To Blame, Says City: According to the San Francisco Examiner, some 45,000 Uber and Lyft drivers are now working in the city. By comparison, a mere 1,800 taxi drivers cover the same turf. A national study of traffic estimated San Franciscans spend an extra 37 minutes each day stuck in traffic, a number that has been steadily rising since 2008. SFGATE article here

Photo via Wikimedia Commons user Evan-Amos
Drag Queens Accuse Uber Drivers Of Discrimination:  After the driver said he must have picked up the wrong passengers, DJ Castillo, who is known as Davina Love when he is performing in drag, said, “I checked on my phone, I was like checking on my phone, I said, no, it says right here you are the person that’s picking me up. Then he’s like, no, I picked up the wrong person." ABC 10 News article here

Council Reopens Path To Chauffeur’s Permit For Many Criminal Offenders: The amendment to the city code tweaked an existing ordinance the City Council passed in June that restricted many current and potential drivers with criminal records from qualifying for a chauffeur’s permit. Under the new ordinance, which takes effect immediately, disqualified drivers will be able to seek an appeal through the Austin Transportation Department. Austin Monitor article here

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