LiQMeng Pampers The Seating Plan

Lexi Tucker
Posted on December 9, 2016

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — As the popularity of executive vans like the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Metris and Ford’s Transit soars, operators are always looking for new and creative ways to make their vehicles stand out.

Coachbuilders oblige by upfitting them with hardwood floors and incredible sound systems, and now they can go above and beyond in the seating department with the help of LiQMeng Corp.’s (pronounced lee-meng) “Luxvan” conversion kits.

Tapei City, Taiwan-based LiQMeng brought its luxury seats to the floor of LCT-NLA Show East Nov. 13-15, drawing a steady stream of attendees reclining in the ultra- captain’s chairs on display. LCT Spoke with James Chang, the company’s marketing manager, to learn a little more about its unique products.

For Client And Coachbuilder Alike

LiQMeng’s power seats can transform from an upright to full reclined position with the press of a single button, which allows passengers to lie back in comfort and enjoy their ride. These seats are crafted with Italian leather and multi-layered and multi-density foam, and feature adjustable head cushions as well.

James Chang, LiQMeng's marketing manager

James Chang, LiQMeng's marketing manager

Cabinet models (as seen in the photos) contain conference seats that pop open from storage and fold away electronically via remote control. The cabinet itself can feature any design including corporate logos or lavish patterns via water transfer printing. The center control console includes a touch screen interface that allows users to control all interior functions of the vehicle including curtains, lighting, TV, DVD, CD, and aux input.

The company’s Luxvan conversion kits are also distinctive because, as a coachbuilder, they understand what builders need and want. Therefore, they can provide a whole solution as a kit.

This allows coachbuilders to reduce design and development costs, as well as decrease man-hours needed for installation. They can then build vehicles faster and cheaper, but more importantly, improve the quality and function of the vehicles.

“Limo vans have been popular in Asia and Europe for many years, and, as we’ve seen from LCT Magazine’s coverage, they are becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. as well,” Chang says. “LiQMeng’s luxury conversion kits will further increase the appeal of limo vans by upgrading their luxury and versatility even further.”

Feedback from buyers at LCT Shows has been great, Chang says. “We’re already receiving orders and inquiries from several well-known American coach builders. We’ve already gained several top-tier buyers from the IAA Show in Germany who have expressed their eagerness for long-term cooperation in their markets as well.”

Journey To The West

LiQMeng has already established a name for itself as one of the top quality luxury converters in China for 10 years, Chang says. 2016 is the company’s first year exporting to the international market. “Our seats are a unique design, patented in the major countries and regions of the world,” he says.

“We’re confident we can bring added value to the industry. In fact, since our exhibition at the IAA show in Germany in September, two of the top-tier van converters have already started working with us to incorporate our products into their vehicles.”

Several American coachbuilders have already bought the company’s seating products for use in their vehicles since LiQMeng started coming to the 2016 International LCT Show in Las Vegas. The vendor’s products are mainly used in Mercedes-Benz Metris and Sprinter vans, but can be easily used to upfit other vans and buses as well.

Click to enlarge

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Non-Stop Innovation

The company was founded by YC Lee, who received training as an engineer in Japan. After garnering knowledge and experience, he returned to Taiwan to become an entrepreneur. In 1981, Lee founded YinJian Cordless Telephone Co., which became one of the technological leaders in the industry. He then founded LiQMeng Corp., which means “beautiful alliance” in Chinese, in ’88 (see infographic).

Lee developed the technology and patents for the parking radar sensor (the device that peeps when you put your car in reverse, and becomes a tone when objects are close to the bumper) in the early 90s, and then founded Zhuhai Coligen Electronics Corp., a producer in parking sensors and communication devices in 1993.

An avid inventor, Lee founded SunMeng Corp., a producer of conversion parts such as powered seats, tables, and other various specialized parts for luxury vehicle conversions, and Shenzer Auto Sales in 2006 to pursue his passion for the burgeoning luxury vehicle conversion industry where all components were built in-house.

More than 20 years since its first development, the parking sensor market has become saturated. Therefore, Lee sold Zhuhai Coligen Electronics Corp. in 2013 to focus his attention on SunMeng and Shenzer.

This "Alliance" Has A "Beautiful" Future

LiQMeng has a few more developments ahead. On display at the 2016 LCT East Show, it debuted a prototype electric powered table set that’s fully adjustable and folds away into a center armrest. This could have an application in a wide range of vehicles, such as vans, SUVs, and buses. “We’re also developing something for the RV industry, and we hope to show that soon,” Chang says. “LiQMeng has a history of inventive and innovative designs, and we may even take our patented seat design and branch out into new markets. But we’re thankful for all the interest and support we’re already receiving from our core market, the limousine industry.”

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