All In A Day's Driving For Uber

Posted on December 9, 2016

Uber May Have Just Driven Itself Out Of A Big Loophole: By choosing SUVs for their self-driving vehicles, the company may have found a loophole that allows taxi companies to avoid costly American with Disabilities Act requirements—a shift that could require the company to make its self-driving cars wheelchair accessible, adding thousands of dollars to the cost of every autonomous vehicle it puts on the road. Wired article here

What I Learned About The ‘Gig Economy’ From 24 Lyft Drivers: One journalist's attempt to understand the TNC driver mindset came back with mixed answers. The "I’d rather be working a nine-to-five...” response was the most popular, with 12 of the 24 drivers saying they were only doing it between jobs and are actively looking for work elsewhere. Instead of liberating workers from the dreaded nine-to-five, it seems most people are using digital platforms as a stopgap between usual forms of work. The Hill article here

Police Say Uber Driver Made Unwanted Sexual Advances, Charged: During the trip, the victim says 46-year-old Jehad Abdula Makhoul put his arm around her neck, grabbed her, kissed her face and put his hand on her inner thigh. She pushed him away and called 911 after he dropped her off at a restaurant. ABC News article here

Uber Is Treating Drivers As Sweated Labor, Says Report: The report says drivers described conditions that matched the Victorian definition: “When earnings were barely sufficient to sustain existence, hours of labor were such as to make lives of workers periods of ceaseless toil; and conditions were injurious to the health of workers and dangerous to the public”. The Guardian article here

Palm Beach Police Charge Wrong-Way Uber Driver With DUI: Ramon R. Miranda, 50, was seen driving east in the westbound lane of a bridge “at a high rate of speed,” almost colliding with another vehicle. An officer pulled him over and noticed he was unsteady on his feet, the report stated. Palm Beach Daily News article here 

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