Tragic Accident Illustrates Need For Party Bus Rules

Posted on December 9, 2016

Photo via Wikimedia Commons author Elite Chicago Limo
Attorney Mark Bello writes: In recent years, the industry has been faced with safety concerns because of the irresponsibility of some passengers and operators. Even though the bus company typically can’t provide or serve alcohol, depending on state laws, passengers can bring alcohol and consume alcohol during the ride. This has created an environment where underage and irresponsible drinking has occurred.

Additionally, there is presently little regulation of the party bus industry. Some companies have clear guidelines requiring all riders to wear seatbelts and adult or parental supervision, while others lack any policies at all sacrificing safety of passengers to promote a fun and exciting environment. This lack of safety has become all too common, resulting in party bus accidents that have claimed more than 20 lives. When this happens, the bus company and its drivers can be held liable.

The Legal Examiner article here

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