Uber Drivers Complain About The Silliest Things

Posted on December 2, 2016

The difference between an Uber driver and a chauffeur? Chauffeurs know how to handle troublesome passengers with dignity. (Photo via Flickr user John Greenfield)
The difference between an Uber driver and a chauffeur? Chauffeurs know how to handle troublesome passengers with dignity. (Photo via Flickr user John Greenfield)
Your Uber Driver Hates You: If there was ever an article that shows the difference between chauffeured car service and TNC drivers, this would be it. Take a peek at what urks drivers — talk about entitiled. "Pet peeves include: Riders who break the law by cramming in too many passengers, or not bringing a car seat/booster for their infant/toddler, or bringing open booze containers...like they're in a limo." The Week article here

Uber Now Tracks Passengers' Locations Even After They're Dropped Off: Previously, the TNC only collected data from the user if the rider had the application open. Now, if a rider calls for an Uber and closes the app, the company says it will continue to collect location data up until five minutes after the ride ends. NPR article here

Banned Uber Drivers Can Now Have Their Appeals Heard In New York City: The process involves ex-drivers presenting their appeals in front of a panel of five Uber drivers picked by the Independent Drivers Guild and Uber. The panel then decides whether to keep ex-drivers’ suspensions intact or reverse them, allowing them to resume working for Uber. Digital Trends article here

Adnan Nafasat (Photo via Chicago Police Department)
Adnan Nafasat (Photo via Chicago Police Department)
Chicago Uber Driver Accused Of Sexual Assault Had Previous Harassment Complaints: Adnan Nafasat posed sexual questions to two male passengers during rides in Feb. and July of 2014, according to a motion filed by Assistant State's Attorney Thomas Prisco. Both riders subsequently complained to Uber, prosecutors say, but Nafasat was still working for the company on July 31, 2014, when he allegedly choked and sexually assaulted a 21-year-old male passenger. Chicago Business Journal article here

Uber Driver 'Takes Young Women On Horror Ride In Middle Of The Night And Dumps Them By Deserted Reservoir': Shenel Osman and Rachel Cousins say the driver had taken them on a detour "in the opposite direction" of where they were going. The pair claim he got out of his seat and violently grabbed Rachel's arm while yanking at her seatbelt shouting, "you are not my responsibility anymore, get out of my property now." Mirror article here

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     | about 9 months ago

    Ok moron let me see you cram 5 people into a car with 4 seat belts and have an accident and found liable by one of the drunks you just let in with no seatbelt you are an idiot

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