Airports Add Surcharges for Limos, Taxis, And TNCs

Posted on November 28, 2016

Photo via Wikimedia Commons user Matti Blume
NEW YORK — Airports across the country add surcharges of up to $5 a ride — typically passed directly on to travelers — for trips originating at their curbs. There are similar charges for limousine, Uber and Lyft drivers as well as shuttle buses for hotels, car rental companies, and off-airport parking lots.

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  • gustavo Chacon

     | about 4 years ago

    In Miami Airport and PortMiami Uber And Lyft Have not paid For License or Entrance Fee for 3 Years and Now Waiting For a Geo Fence to Start Collecting What ever They Want To PAY ? Here is a Pay To Play Codes . Like a Mafia ?

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