Oklahoma Operator Shows How Patience Makes Perfect

Lexi Tucker
Posted on November 22, 2016

Noah LaDeaux, general manager of affiliate relations for Paris Limousine of Oklahoma

Noah LaDeaux, general manager of affiliate relations for Paris Limousine of Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — Founded in 1987 by Jimmy and Susy Paris, Paris Limousine provides a variety of transportation services from sightseeing tours to luggage delivery. LCT spoke with Noah LaDeaux, general manager of affiliate relations, to learn more about the company’s venture into affiliate work.

Although somewhat new to the affiliate market, LaDeaux says the business has grown from being 90% farm-in and 10% farm-out to a 70/30 ratio in two years. One of the factors in their success has been patience, he says.

“We’ve mastered the art of being patient and we try to make sure every affiliate run that comes through our system is perfect. That’s the best way to build your brand,” he says. “Not every company can handle the demand of affiliate work; you have to have the staff, time, and patience for it. We had one affiliate change a reservation five times within an hour. It can get frustrating, but it gets better with time and every run you deal with.”


Another tool that has helped them grow affiliate business is word of mouth. “I believe you have to do the ground work and reach out to other companies,” LaDeaux says. “We didn’t just sit back and wait for the phone to ring. I think people are becoming more proactive with going to the shows and things of that nature. You have to put the work in.”

The company joined LCT Connect after the groundwork had been laid on its own network. He explains, “We thought, ‘Why not join LCT Connect and have an affiliate base at our fingertips?’ We continue to grow and learn every day, and if you want to be a part of the affiliate work world, you have to be a part of networks like this one — it only makes sense.”

If you find affiliate work difficult at first, LaDeaux says don’t lose heart. “It was a challenge when we first decided to step into this market just trying to figure out where we wanted to go and what we could and couldn’t do, but every affiliate manager and company I’ve dealt with has been welcoming so far.” In this industry, operators are constantly learning new ways of doing business, after all.

“Just be patient with your affiliates and give them a chance. If you have one bad experience, I understand it will set the tone, but you never know what someone can do for you until you give them a shot.”

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