Criminal Record? No Problem. Uber Wants You

Posted on November 18, 2016

Photo via Wikimedia Commons user Abu Badali 
Uber Will Accept Drivers In Connecticut With Minor Criminal Records: Uber's change in policy, which goes into effect early next year, will allow people with convictions for nonviolent misdemeanor offenses such as passing a bad check, resisting arrest, petty theft, prostitution, harassment, and causing minor property damage to drive for the company. Hartford Courant article here

Uber, Lyft Fight Fingerprint Checks For Drivers In Maryland: Under a state law passed in 2015, the companies are required to begin background checking drivers Dec. 15 using the fingerprint database maintained by the state and the FBI, unless they prove their approach is equally effective. Both companies filed separate petitions with the state Public Service Commission, which regulates transportation network companies, for permission to continue doing background checks their way. The Baltimore Sun article here

Fake Uber Driver In Maserati Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Teen: On the way to a destination in Mira Mesa, the driver is suspected of reaching into the male passenger's pants, grabbing him in a sexually inappropriate manner, and soliciting him for sex, police said. San Diego Union-Tribune article here

Photo via FOX 4
Dallas Woman Says Lyft Driver Threatened, Harassed Her: The woman says she asked the Lyft driver to pull over and let her out, but he refused. “He told me he wasn't going to let me out until I exposed myself to him,” she said. FOX 4 article here

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