Windy City Limousine Scores For Cubs, Post-Game

Lexi Tucker
Posted on November 11, 2016

Tricia Wilcoxen, director of global affiliate relations for Windy City Limousine

Tricia Wilcoxen, director of global affiliate relations for Windy City Limousine

BROADVIEW, Ill.— In order for the Chicago Cubs to become World Series champions for the first time in 108 years, they had to get to their games (and a variety of other events) safely and on-time — sometimes at a moment’s notice. Tricia Wilcoxen, director of global affiliate relations for Windy City Limousine, and her team ensured every bus and limo run was a . . . drum roll. . . home run.

Forge Strong Bonds

Building a strong relationship with the Cubs was based on trust. Not only with the executive staff, but also with the Cubs’ traveling secretary whom Wilcoxen has known since he was an intern. “We developed the relationship and built trust,” she says. “He knew if he called me I’d get him vehicles immediately.” Winning the MLB World Series contract was a bonus.

Wilcoxen also developed tight bonds with many of the umpires the company transported. “We take confidentiality agreements very seriously. I handle all the umpires, who often call or text me personally. It took a few years to get them to really trust what I do.”

Windy City Limousine President George Jacobs

Windy City Limousine President George Jacobs

Many of the umpires now use the company to drive them from city to city instead of flying, said Windy City Limousine President George Jacobs. “They love the convenience, and the MLB saves money.”

To facilitate smooth entry and exit during major events, Wilcoxen also maintained a strong working relationship with the local police department. “You have to have credentials to get to a special entrance at the ball park, so creating relationships with law enforcement so they know who you are and that you are not being deceitful in any way makes obtaining them a lot easier. They trusted us because they got to know our chauffeurs through consistency.”

This was especially advantageous when it came to the Cubs’ victory parade and rally. The company’s buses and SUVs had to be staged off of Columbus and Roosevelt Road near Grant Park (nearly seven miles from Wrigley Field!) at 5:30 a.m. because the police had all the roads near the stadium blocked.

“Four other staff members and I had to walk quite a ways to get through, and there were road blocks at every stoplight,” Wilcoxen said. “The police knew who we were because most of them that were at Wrigley during the games were onsite at the rally, so they knew we meant business and w

e had to be onsite, so they let us through without any trouble.”

Without her staff and the strong bonds they shared, Wilcoxen says she could never have done it. She joked she hasn’t had a full night’s sleep in a month, but is glad to have such a wonderful team behind her. “From dispatchers to chauffeurs and the call center to accounting and the on-site staff, we were able to turn things around immediately after getting requests.”

Always Be Ready

Being responsive at all hours and paying attention to details reinforces the fact your company is reliable. Wilcoxen says, “You have to know your client and what their expectations are, because having a sense of urgency, knowing the venue, and understanding what your customer requires will help you establish a professional reputation.” She provided her personal cell phone number to those managing the team so they would have no trouble getting ahold of her in the case of an

Wilcoxen gives a big shoutout to her team, seen here: (l to r) Tricia Wilcoxen, Klaudia Stachura, Sarai Rameriz, Natasha Anderson, and Ryan Kaczmarski

Wilcoxen gives a big shoutout to her team, seen here: (l to r) Tricia Wilcoxen, Klaudia Stachura, Sarai Rameriz, Natasha Anderson, and Ryan Kaczmarski

Immediacy is especially vital when one doesn’t know the result of a game until it ends. “You have to always be prepared for that. In the playoffs, you don’t know who’s going to win. You have to have everyone on standby for whatever happens. Because when that call comes in, if you can’t do it, someone else will.”

Reap The Rewards

Windy City didn’t just transport the team; it also gave staff, award presenters, anthem singers, and even people who threw out the first pitch, a ride. Motorcoaches, sedans, SUVs, and mini buses were used for various events, including the team’s charity gala at Navy Pier, all of its games in Chicago and Cleveland, meet and greets, fundraisers, the rally, and the parade.

Fortunately for Windy City, the staff’s hard work paid off in droves. “Every time the team left or returned from a playoff series, we took them in buses,” Jacobs explains.

Talk about incredible advertising...

Talk about incredible advertising...

Of course, the games received heavy coverage, with news helicopters flying over the area to get a good shot of people waiting outside the stadium.

“We have our website on the roof of all vehicles for this very reason — photos from above. While costly, I recommend it to everyone. It’s very worthwhile on the occasion where it happens. WGN played a clip on its website that’s 25 minutes long and virtually all it shows is the buses, and eventually the players getting their luggage and leaving,” he says.

“Being a part of history was phenomenal. The publicity was unbelievable for us,” Wilcoxen adds.

To see a video of when the team arrived home from Cleveland after they won the World Series, click here.

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