Uber Settles For Criminal Drivers At Customers' Expense

Posted on November 11, 2016

Uber Driver Charged With Raping Unconscious Teenage Passenger: Authorities say Alaaeldin Mahran, 23, picked up the girl at a bar in Huntington Beach, Calif. after one of her family members ordered an Uber to bring her home. When she didn't return on time, another relative used Uber's tracking feature to locate the car, which was parked not far from the girl's home. The family member found Mahran assaulting the girl in the back seat and the driver then fled the scene, according to police. The Verge article here

Family Takes $362 Uber Ride Home From Dallas Cowboys Game: Uber says passengers are warned about surge pricing and given an estimated fare before they begin the ride, but the family insists they would not have accepted the ride if surge pricing had been in effect. “I could have taken a stretch limo if I wanted,” observed the family member who hailed the vehicle with her phone. Consumerist article here

Latina Woman Says Uber Driver Kicked Her Out After Conversation About Her Heritage: As Denise Soler Cox made small talk with her driver, she told him about her work as a documentary filmmaker. She explained her latest project called "Being Enye" about life for first-generation American-born Latinos. "He turned around and said, 'I think you should just get out of my car,'" she said. Denver 7 ABC article here

Uber Settles Big Sexual Assault Cases In The US: Uber tried to argue it can't be held liable for its drivers since they're contractors and not employees, but a federal judge denied its request to toss the case in May this year. Now, six months later, both parties have reached an agreement, though the details weren't released to the public. Engadget article here

Uber Driver Drags Police Officer Down The Road After Football Game: The driver, Fredrick Becker, told police in an interview that the closing of a gate caused him to panic, which led him to speed towards Orchard Road, dragging the police detective along the side of the car with him for approximately twenty feet. Becker nearly struck the auxiliary officers who were attempting to close the gate as well, according to court documents. Penn State Daily Collegian article here

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