Grech Motors Adds Safer Seat Belts To Minibuses

Posted on November 4, 2016

An interior of a Grech Motors shuttle bus with advanced three-point seatbelts. (Photo provided by Grech)

An interior of a Grech Motors shuttle bus with advanced three-point seatbelts. (Photo provided by Grech)

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Grech Motors started installing three-point seat belts as a standard feature in all of its Freightliner shuttle bus units (GM36, GM40 and GM45) that started production as of Nov. 1.

This move keeps the high-end coachbuilder in compliance with federal regulations regarding the FMVSS safety standards and manufacturing requirements for all buses exceeding 26,000 GVWR (gross vehicle weight ratio).

As one of the principal undertakings of the Department of Transportation’s 2009 Motorcoach Safety Action Plan, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has amended FMVSS No. 208, “Occupant crash protection” (49 CFR 571.208), to “require a lap/shoulder belt at all designated seating positions on all over-the-road buses” and “for buses other than over-the-road buses, this final rule requires a lap/shoulder belt at all passenger seating positions on new buses with a GVWR greater than 11,793 kg (26,000 lbs.)."

“As Grech Motors manufactures all of our seating in-house, we are ahead of the curve on this requirement and it will not impede our production time whatsoever,” said AJ Thurber, Grech Motors VP of sales & marketing, in a press release.

Ed Grech, Grech Motors president and CEO, added, “Safety and FMVSS compliancy are the top priority in our manufacturing process at Grech Motors.”

Buses built before Nov. 2016 with lap belts will be grandfathered in without having to revise their seats to feature three-point seat belts.

Those interested in learning more can get all the details of this ruling by clicking here.

About Grech Motors
Grech Motors designs, manufactures, and sells the world’s most advanced minicoaches and Sprinters. The company was founded by Ed Grech to revolutionize group ground transportation. Innovation and quality are at the core of Grech Motors and guide everything it does, from engineering and design to fit and finish. Grech Motors is based in Riverside, Calif.

Source: Grech Motors press release

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