Report Says TNCs Show Pattern Of Discrimination

Posted on November 2, 2016

Photo via Flickr (Mark Warner)
Researchers, including those from Stanford Center for Automotive Research, sent assistants into the field in Boston and Seattle to request rides from Uber and Lyft. They say they found discrimination in cancellations and wait times.

The study included almost 1,500 rides. Four black and four white research assistants - split evenly among men and women - ordered cars over six weeks in Seattle. All used their photos on the ride-sharing apps.

A second test was held in Boston with riders "whose appearance allowed them to plausibly travel as a passenger of either race," although they used either "African-American sounding" or "white sounding" names, the researchers said.

The study found Uber drivers disproportionately canceled on riders with black-sounding names, even though the company penalizes drivers who cancel frequently.

ABC 7 article here

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