TNCs Get Green Light In Pennsylvania

Tom Halligan
Posted on October 28, 2016

HARRISBURG, Pa.— Despite intensive lobbying efforts by members of the Philadelphia Regional Limousine Association (PRLA) and other groups, a bill legalizing TNCs in Pennsylvania was passed Oct. 24 by the legislature and will be signed by the Governor into law.

“Officially, the industry is very disappointed the bill is being signed considering its current form. We respect the legislative process, but feel our industry throughout the country must do a better job in communicating to our legislatures in the future pro TNC legislative initiatives,” commented Michael Barreto, Philadelphia Branch Manager for FlyteTyme. “With the floodgates opened in the state by the new regulations, they are empowering 20,000-plus TNC drivers to have little to no enforcement oversite leading to anyone going into business for themselves without having proper insurance and licensing,” he said.

Members of the PRLA were out in force in Harrisburg, the state capital Oct. 17, working legislatures to ensure the legislation was equitable with the private transportation industry.

“During our Walk on Harrisburg, the conversations we had with the House and Senate recognized the issues at hand,” said Anthony Onorata, president & CEO of Anthony Limousine in Allentown, Pa.

“Certainly we all agreed the TNCs are welcome as long as they follow the same rules and regulations we all do. However, it appears with a Senate vote 47-1, they choose public convenience over public safety, which is shocking and disappointing to me. The general public looks for our legislators to set the standard for safety, security, and yes, convenience. However, it doesn’t appear that happened in this case,” he added.

Philly Voice article here

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