Techie Invests In Tesla Limo Service

Posted on October 26, 2016

Photo via Wikimedia Commons (Tonyevans gi)
Photo via Wikimedia Commons (Tonyevans gi)
Australia’s chief geek, Simon Hackett, has already made companies like Internode happen. He’s also chairman of one of Australia’s most exciting energy startups, Redflow. And, being a big fan of Tesla, it’s no real surprise he’s just invested in Sydney-based Tesla chauffeur service Evoke.

Evoke offers point-to-point travel, airport transfers, and weddings service, with a fleet of Model S in Pearl White equipped with in-car Wi-Fi and an iPad for passengers to surf the ‘net or queue up some Spotify tracks. The car even has chargers for your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or Apple Watch.

Gizmodo Australia article here

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