Arizona Operator Knows Quality Affiliations Take Time

Lexi Tucker
Posted on October 25, 2016

Mary Beall, affiliate manager for The Driver Provider

Mary Beall, affiliate manager for The Driver Provider

PHOENIX, Ariz. — With 90 vehicles of all kinds in its fleet, The Driver Provider is always ready to aid its affiliates. Serving Arizona cities Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale, as well as Salt Lake City, Utah, and Jackson Hole, Wyo., the company’s Affiliate Manager Mary Beall says there are a few key rules to follow to maintain a stellar reputation as a go-to affiliate.

“Never over-promise, and always be honest if you’re going to be late,” she says. “Good relationships take time to build. Don’t expect to receive work from a company immediately after you start talking to them.” Many of the connections she has created with other businesses have been years in the making. She also says you’ll likely increase your chances of finding solid affiliates if you attend LCT Shows, make friends, and ask for their business…just don’t be pushy about it. “Above all, make sure you and your team are able to produce results before you start taking anyone’s work.”


The Driver Provider staff understands how vital it is to ensure both their own clients and their affiliates’ are properly and promptly taken care of. “Our reservationists are friendly, understand everyone’s time is valuable, and recognize the importance of getting right back to them. We triple check inbound trips to make sure everything’s correct,” Beall says. “The dispatch team recognizes affiliates need to be informed and make status calls when necessary.”

Their chauffeurs are exceptionally knowledgeable of the cities they service, and understand how important it is to affiliates that they live up to their standards. “One of the biggest problems affiliates seem to have is getting invoices back promptly, and our team gets those back to them in 24 hours,” Beall mentions.

When the company was invited to sign up for LCT Connect, Beall figured with a name like LCT behind it, it would bring good affiliate connections. “It had the LCT stamp on it, and when you see that you know it’s quality. You’re able to look through it and see what kind of fleets these businesses have, which is great.”

If you’re looking for a quality affiliate, Beall assures, “Doing business with The Driver Provider is always your best bet. We promise to take great care of your clients every time.”

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