OneWayLimo Offers Operators New Business Opportunity

Tom Halligan
Posted on October 12, 2016

OneWayLimo is a new service that offers consumers luxury ground transportation at discounted prices. The company says it is the first e-commerce site that allows passengers to take advantage of excess capacity in the limousine and car service industries by allowing them to book luxury rides at discounted prices.

The service is free with no monthly fees for registered affiliates. The company launched in November 2014 and went live with its additional  tempty leg segment in June 2016. It will be exhibiting at LCT-NLA Show East Nov. 13-15.

The company’s mission is to develop relationships with local companies, creating additional revenue and adding new customers. In most cases these fares add revenue when the limousine vehicle would otherwise be empty.

OneWayLimo offers an internet platform that allows its network of affiliate partners to enter “empty legs,” or to view and claim existing reservations from our dashboard. Empty legs are top priority and are automatically filled first. There’s no downside. If affiliates are not satisfied with the price, they don’t have to accept it. The site is user friendly and easy to navigate.

For consumers, if they book 48 hours in advance, they receive 30%-50% discount. For example, most limousine companies have an empty segment going to or coming from the airport. Professional limousine companies’ partner with OneWayLimo and the company we help fill their empty segments at discounted prices.

The companyoffers service in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Florida. It plans to soon launch in North Carolina and Georgia, and cover the entire East Coast by January 2017.

Source: OneWayLimo press release


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  • Maggie DellaGiustina

     | about 4 years ago

    @STAR True, but the rates are still better than competing with Uber, and the losses thereafter. It's really all about that one way, empty ride back which produces no revenue. And it's specifically for a Limousine. I truly wonder sometimes if Limousines are a dying breed. And I've blogged such. In these tough times, I personally would rather have the CHOICE of assistance. It seems an unfortunate compromise, sure. But with all the Uber and Lyfts and local drivers charging 5.00 for a trip anywhere in town(?), I'm in.

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