Maryland Operation Closely Vets Affiliates

Lexi Tucker
Posted on October 11, 2016

Affiliate manager Renee Ferraro

Affiliate manager Renee Ferraro

BALTIMORE, Md.— Established in 1993, ZBest Worldwide has provided luxury ground transportation service for everyone from the executive business traveler to large groups headed to conventions, meetings or other events. ZBest does a minimum of 50 on-demand rides per day and the number is increasing all of the time. Within a year, its business make up is about 65% corporate and 35% retail. The retail business segment is growing and profitable.

According to its LCT Connect profile, ZBest understands when it comes to business events and related travel, there’s no room for error. The company’s primary and secondary service areas include Baltimore, Annapolis, and Washington, D.C. Affiliate manager Renee Ferraro says of the total affiliate work received, 10% is farm-in and 21% is farm-out.

While she has many tips for handling affiliate work, one of the most important is to look for recommendations from your already well-established affiliates. This way, you know they are vetted and good companies to work with.

“Site visits are a must now so you can see firsthand your affiliate’s fleet and how they operate,” she says. The only way your company can provide 24-hour service is by confirming your affiliate is a live 24 hour operation as well. “It’s also important to review their chauffeur training manual and dress code.”

Since the company has been in business for 24 years, it has plenty of experience in handling affiliate work, Ferraro says. ZBest has scheduled shift chauffeurs to help affiliates with last minute requests, and it has plenty of newer vehicles to wow your clients. These include two 2017 Lincoln-Continentals, 2016 Cadillac XTSs and Lincoln MKTs, a 2015 Mercedes Sprinter, and some Grech buses. They are located five minutes away from Baltimore–Washington International Airport and also cover Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Washington Dulles International

Airport, and Philadelphia International Airport.


Ferraro believes the LCT Connect website along with social media groups have all changed how operators pick affiliates. However, she points out a potential affiliate should be judged on all factors, not just a few.

“Even with all the latest technology to help us provide the best service, we have to remember we’re all still human and mistakes do happen. From pick up times, wrong addresses, flat tires, accidents, and even chauffeurs running late, we have to be honest and tell the truth. It is how, and how fast, you recover from your mistakes that determine how strongly other affiliates recommend your company. Word of mouth is still the most powerful referral,” she explains.

ZBest believes LCT Connect is a great opportunity to promote itself. “A lot of people go online and really look for a site that has a lot of information. LCT Connect lets us provide that for others as well as pictures,” Ferraro says.

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