Surges, Driver Strikes, & Plucked Pockets Plague Uber

Posted on October 7, 2016

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Florida’s Uber Drivers Get Excited For Hurricane Surge Pricing 

The storm has killed at least 11 people in the Caribbean islands, but stateside, some of the TNC's drivers are seeing it as a big money-making opportunity, according to posters in a number of online drivers forums and Facebook groups.

Vocativ article here

More Than 100 Uber Black Drivers Strike Against New Uber Terms: The TNC's new agreement mandates Uber Black drivers charge their customers $1.65 a mile, far below the $2.40 minimum set by a Orlando City ordinance. That rate was established by the city in 2014 because it was the same rate charged by taxis and would effectively level the playing field. Orlando Sentinel article here

Why Uber Sometimes Pockets Extra Money From Rides: Uber pitched “upfront pricing” as a way to add transparency to its service by telling passengers how much their ride would cost before they ordered it. But the change has led to accusations that the company is secretly taking advantage of passengers and drivers. Fortune article here

Police Search For Man Who Posed As Uber Driver, Demanded Kiss As Payment: According to a report, three women got in the back of what they thought was their Uber driver’s car.The doors were locked when they got to the third woman’s stop. It wasn’t until a parking enforcement vehicle drove by and spooked the driver that he unlocked the doors. CBS Sacramento article here

Oklahoma Mother Warning Others After Uber Driver Picks Up Pre-Teen In Middle Of The Night: "It was frightening a driver would pick up a 12-year-old without an adult in the middle of the night and drive him somewhere without any parental consent," said Michelle Seelig. News Channel 4 article here

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