Uber’s Self-Driving Car Goes The Wrong Way

Posted on October 6, 2016

Photo via Flickr (Foo Conner)
PITTSBURGH, Penn. --- Uber driver Nathan Stachelek was pulled off to the side of the road when he saw the self-driving car turn the wrong way.

It was the night of Sept. 26 and the car he had spotted, one of the autonomous Ford Fusions Uber is testing in Pittsburgh was heading through the city’s Oakland neighborhood, just steps from the center of campus for the University of Pittsburgh.

Stachelek watched the car turn off Bates Street and onto Atwood, a one-way road, going in the wrong direction. From a distance he couldn’t tell whether the car was driving itself, or its human operator had made a mistake. Stachelek took out his phone in time to shoot a brief video of Uber’s vehicle backing up and driving away, then uploaded it to Facebook.

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