Blacklane Rewards Chauffeurs With Bonus Program

Posted on October 5, 2016

A team of chauffeurs for Blacklane’s service in Tampa, Fla.

A team of chauffeurs for Blacklane’s service in Tampa, Fla.

BERLIN — Chauffeurs for Blacklane can double their bonuses as a reward for sustained high quality. Blacklane expanded its Partner Prestige Club to its 230+ cities in 51 countries as of Oct. 1.

All Blacklane driver partners are automatically eligible based on performance and number of rides they choose to accept. The Partner Prestige Club builds upon Blacklane’s quality-based bonus program. Professional driver companies earn a monthly bonus based on criteria such as ride volume and excellent passenger ratings. 

Going forward, companies that sustain these results for at least three consecutive months will receive a larger monthly quality bonus. For qualifying companies, the quality bonus increases by 10% after three months and 30% after six months. It doubles after one year. In addition, members of the Partner Prestige Club become preferred partners for Blacklane’s event and V.I.P. business. 

Partner Prestige Club LevelDuration of High QualityQuality Bonus Increase
Silver3 months10%
Gold6 months30%
Black12 months100%

Blacklane began the Partner Prestige Club in June across Europe and parts of the Middle East. Dozens of companies achieved the Silver bonus in the program’s first three months.

One London-based company commented, “We have chosen to work with Blacklane because of its professionalism. We are very happy to see the Partner Prestige Club explicitly acknowledges our professional understanding and our performance. We take pride in what we do and we aim at only delivering top quality to the customer.” 

"We value our global network of professional drivers," said Jens Wohltorf, CEO and co-founder of Blacklane. "Our driver partners are the face of Blacklane to passengers on every trip. We want to reward those who provide the best service each and every time so we can continue to grow together.”

Source: Blacklane press release

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