Philadelphia Operators Face Double Vehicle Fee Hike

Tom Halligan
Posted on September 30, 2016
“It’s unfair and a financial hardship,” said PRLA President Steve Rhoads.

“It’s unfair and a financial hardship,” said PRLA President Steve Rhoads.

PHILADELPHIA — The Philadelphia Regional Limousine Association (PRLA) is up in arms over a new Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) annual assessment that doubles the fee for a limousine company vehicle operating within the confines of the city, including the airport.

Calling the hike “ridiculous,” PRLA President Steve Rhoads (Rhoads Limousine) said the new operator assessment jumps from $404 to $868 per vehicle. The PRLA has hired an attorney to advise the association on further action to challenge the 100% hike.

“It’s unfair and a financial hardship,” Rhoades said. “How can anyone recoup that? You can’t raise rates to cover that kind of hike.” He added he has never witnessed such a massive hike over the year and operators were not given a reason for the increase.

“They raise our fees by over 100% yet open the door for TNC’s and give them free reign. Does this sound fair to you?” said PRLA member Mike Barreto, Philadelphia Branch Manager, Flyte Tyme Worldwide. Barreto speculated the huge increase could be caused by the increased workload by the PPA that has to deal with the city’s on again/off again changing position on TNCs operating in the city.

Although PRLA board directorm Anthony Onorata (Anthony Limousine) in Allentown, said the PPA’s action effects all state operators. “I feel if we don’t stand with our fellow operators, this kind of assessment can manifest throughout the state. The PPA looks at operators as easy targets to increase fees while the TNCs are not regulated."

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