Ohio Family Opens Party Bus Business

Posted on September 28, 2016

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio --- Dean and Amanda Pulfer started Carpe Diem Party Bus after their own personal experience with party buses and knew Springfield could benefit from the business.

“We used party buses for our bachelor and bachelorette parties and we thought it would be a great thing to have,” said Amanda Pulfer. “We drove past an auction house, saw the bus and we decided to make it happen.”

Springfield News-Sun article here

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  • Gregory from Cleveland

     | about 4 years ago

    An I am assuming you explained to your insurance carrier you have a 20 year old school bus and identifying it as a "party bus" good luck with that rate. The industry is trying to get away from the party bus name and stigma; it is a very high risk and here is another one. Drunks, kegs of beer, dancing poles (vomit comets) is something we in the industry are trying to move away from; liability and driver distractions. A low priced piece of equipment equals the same person riding the bus; low balling, discount shopping, beer guzzling kids: have fun.

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