TNCs Dealt Blow In Florida County

Tom Halligan
Posted on September 23, 2016

TAMPA, Fla. — When TNCs first set up shop in Hillsborough County, Fla. a few years ago, they obviously didn’t realize the West Florida Livery Association (WFLA) would not sit by idly and allow unregulated private transportation services to operate in the Tampa Bay region.
After years of lobbying, testifying and presenting the limousine industry’s side of the story regarding illegal TNCs, the issue came to a head Thursday, Sept. 15, when the Hillsborough Public Transportation Commission (PTC) voted 5-2 to mandate new rules and regulations for TNCs.

Because the issue has been so controversial, the PTC’s vote was the front page headline in the Tampa Bay Times the following day. At the Sept. 21 meeting of the WFLA, members were in good spirits following the vote, but they also know that although they scored a victory, the fight will continue at the state level when the legislature again review bills that could regulate TNCs statewide.

The PTC’s new rules include mandatory fingerprinting, no price surges during state of emergencies, and all TNC vehicles must be no older than 10 years.

“It was a great day— finally they have to follow the rules," said Tom Halsnik (Black Pearl Limousine/ Walsh Airport Service).

On a cautionary note, Justin Nystedt (Crowd Pleaser Limos) said, “Uber isn’t leaving the county” following the new regulations because there is another public meeting to formally approve the on the vote on Oct. 13, where the TNCs will certainly make another push to rescind the new regulations.

See Tampa Bay Times article.

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