ABA Survey Shows Highest Motorcoach Sales In Three Years

Posted on September 20, 2016

WASHINGTON, DC –- The American Bus Association (ABA) released on Sept. 20 the first half-year 2016 results of the quarterly Coach Builder Survey, which shows sales in the first half of 2016 exceeded those of the same period during the last three years.

The survey was based on responses from five major motorcoach manufacturers: Setra as reported by Motor Coach Industries, Inc., Motor Coach Industries, Inc., ABC Companies, Prevost, a division of Volvo Group Canada Inc. , and CH Bus Sales (TEMSA). So far in 2016, a total of 1,760 vehicles are on the road with new owners. Over the last three years, motorcoach sales compared at 1,500 in 2015; 1,250 in 2014; and 1,300 in 2013 during the same period.

“We found in the survey that more than 1,200 new and more than 560 pre-owned coaches of all sizes were sold so far this year,” said ABA President & CEO Peter Pantuso, CTIS. “Each year has shown an increase in total vehicle sales and 2016 is no different. This strong upward trend in sales has continued steadily despite a weak economy nationwide.”

Every quarter, the American Bus Association Foundation surveys the major motorcoach manufacturers who sell vehicles in the United States and Canada. For this study, a motorcoach - defined as a vehicle designed for long-distance transportation of passengers - characterized by integral construction with an elevated passenger deck located over a baggage compartment. It is at least 30 feet in length with a capacity of more than 30 passengers.

The data also shows a marked increase in the private sector sales of new small (30-feet - 40-feet) motorcoaches compared to years past. Between 2012 and 2015, 144 small coaches were sold each year on average. So far, in just the first two quarters of 2016, 150 vehicles have been sold. If this trend continues, small motorcoach sales in 2016 could more than double in the last four years.

“The increase in sales of smaller vehicles points to a shift the industry has experienced over the past few years, as tours have become more specialized, catering to smaller groups with more customized agendas,” Pantuso said. “The great thing about the motorcoach industry is we can quickly adapt to trends and get to where the people are and get them where they want to be.”

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About the Report
Data was collected by John Dunham & Associates for the American Bus Association Foundation. John Dunham & Associates is a leading New York City based economic consulting firm specializing in the economics of fast moving issues. JDA is an expert at translating complex economic concepts into clear, easily understandable messages that can be transmitted to any audience. Our company’s clients include a wide variety of businesses and organizations, including some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in America.

About the American Bus Association

The American Bus Association (ABA) is the trade organization of the intercity bus industry with more than 1,000 motorcoach and tour company members in the U.S. and Canada. Its members operate charter, tour, regular route, airport express, special operations and contract services. Another 2,800 members are travel and tourism organizations and suppliers of bus products and services who work in partnership with the North American motorcoach industry.


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