10 Luxury Cars For Weathering The Rainy Season

Posted on September 19, 2016

Photo via PEXELS (Sabeel Ahammed)
According to the Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration, wet roads cause roughly 1.13 million crashes each year. They're responsible for 75% of all weather-related crashes and 18% of vehicle crashes overall. Rain alone is responsible for 707,000 crashes, 47% of weather-related crashes and 11% of all crashes.

Those rainy crashes injure more than 330,000 people each year and kill 3,300. That adds up to more than 50% of all weather-related injuries and deaths. That makes rain more dangerous to U.S. drivers than snow, ice and fog combined.

Luxury automakers have caught on to drivers' concerns and have made a sizable dent in the all-weather vehicle market. The following ten vehicles show both how much of a luxury weather-specific safety features have become, but also the premium that drivers place on them.

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