Arrow Stage Lines Modernizes Trip Confirmations

Lexi Tucker
Posted on September 16, 2016

OMAHA, Nebraska — Today’s consumer wants to be able to do everything from buying groceries to scheduling doctor’s appointments on their mobile devices. Calling people and dealing with cumbersome paperwork is becoming a thing of the past. As the popularity of TNC apps like Uber and Lyft show us, a tap of your finger should be all that’s required. Luke Busskohl, COO of family-owned Arrow Stage Lines, has been paying attention to what his clients want and launched a solution on Sept. 15.

Listen Up

Simple Accept, a process that enables Arrow clients to confirm reservations via mobile responsive email, is the company’s answer to their customers’ desires. “Before, we’d email customers a confirmation with attachments they would have to print out, sign, scan, and send back. Now when we email you a contract or a quote, you can digitally sign with the tip of your finger,” Busskohl says.

This move toward a new technology-friendly reservation process came about as the result of a simple strategy: Listening to the customer.

“After every single charter we run, we ask for client feedback and poll them on what we can do to get even better and make their lives easier,” Busskohl says. “What we were hearing was our process was a little cumbersome. Our older customers were fine with the old way, but our newer customers mentioned the process could be made a little simpler.”

Giving Back

Arrow Stage Lines will continue to donate money to charity: water for every trip booked via Simple Accept as well as those booked the traditional way. You can read more about the company’s Hero Project here.

Consistent Care

When a customer has multiple questions about their quote or booking confirmation, they needn’t worry about repeating their inquiries to various members of the Arrow staff. Each customer is tied to a specific team member so they’ll be speaking with the same person each time, eliminating any confusion or client frustration.

“We want to meet and exceed all of our customer’s needs,” Busskohl says. “If we aren’t hearing from them on a regular basis, we might miss something.

“Our company has been around for 87 years and we’ve been running it a certain way, but we know times and customer needs change and want to be in tune with that — and that’s outside of a quarterly or yearly meeting; we want to know their needs after every single trip or as often as possible.”

Never Stop Innovating

The company plans to add other aspects to Simple Accept. In the next three months, a widget in Simple Accept emails will enable a customer to click and pay their deposit or trip in full instead of having to send in a check or give away a credit card number.

“It’s what the consumer wants,” Busskohl says. “I’m a big believer in being one step ahead to improve customer experience, and I think technology is a large piece of that. We are also just trying to be ahead of the curve in our industry. We know this is what people expect moving forward.”

To see a video that explains how Simple Accept works, click here.

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