Ford Takes Cautious Approach With Driverless Research

Posted on September 14, 2016

Ford Motor Co., which on Sept. 12 demonstrated its own approach to self-driving vehicles, said it was convinced by its decade of research to take a go-slow approach.

The manufacturer plans to introduce self-driving cars in a controlled urban environment within five years, capable of functioning as robotic taxis at slow, stop-and-go speeds in settings with traffic-light predictability.

The company provided the first public demonstration of the fleet of self-driving cars it is building at its sprawling engineering campus about 10 miles west of Detroit. Ford allowed reporters, analysts and other guests to take a ride in some of the 10 white Fusion sedans it has outfitted so far with tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of radar; lidar (a kind of radar based on laser beams); cameras; computer chips and other gear.

New York Times article here

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