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Lexi Tucker
Posted on September 13, 2016

(R to L) Nicole Feely, director of sales and marketing for Earth Limos & Buses in Las Vegas, with husband and owner of the company Lou Castro

(R to L) Nicole Feely, director of sales and marketing for Earth Limos & Buses in Las Vegas, with husband and owner of the company Lou Castro

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — Since 2007, Earth Limos & Buses has been providing top-notch limo service around-the-clock. The company’s LCT Connect profile states it specializes in affiliate relations, and offers newer model vehicles detailed twice daily by an on-site crew.

From uniformed chauffeurs who are drug and alcohol screened with thorough FBI background checks to dispatchers who track all vehicles in real-time, the company is more than ready to handle out-of-town clients.

Nicole Feely, director of sales and marketing, said farm-ins make up about 90% of their affiliate work, while farm-outs comprise about 10%. “Our chauffeurs are specifically trained on how to properly handle affiliate work. They never hand out any of our branded materials and make sure to authorize extensions of trips through the affiliate company.”

Her best piece of advice for handling affiliate work is to realize the importance of keeping lines of communication open. “In this business, things happen that are out of your control from time to time, and I think when you really communicate the reality of the situation, it’s received so much better by the affiliate. It’s really important to be honest.”


One of the changes Feely sees in affiliating is how companies are upping their service game to compete with TNCs. “What we are offering people is an experience, not just transportation. They can get transportation with a TNC. We have to show we are a better choice in every single aspect,” she explained.

“As luxury ground transportation companies, we’ve all had to go back and really revisit what that looks like. I believe the presence of TNCs has pushed us to become better service providers.”

Earth Limos & Buses decided to sign up for LCT Connect because it wants to support other businesses that understand the importance of supporting the NLA, Feely said.

“We want to work with other businesses that understand the value in attending the Shows and networking with like-minded operators. It’s my hope that LCT Connect will allow us to forge new relationships with other companies across the globe that we might not always be able to meet at the Shows.”

Feely’s husband and owner of the company, Lou Castro, knows a thing or two about supporting the industry: He formed the Nevada Bus and Limousine Association (NBLA) in Las Vegas about three years ago and looks forward to developing relationships with other local associations as well.

If you are looking for an affiliate who will treat you right, Feely said, “Look no further; we will be an extension of your brand.”

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