Sprinter Puts An Extra Swivel In Captain's Chairs

Martin Romjue
Posted on August 29, 2016

Ideal interior for smartphone talk show formats.

Ideal interior for smartphone talk show formats.

OAKLYN, N.J. --- Black-on-black luxury vehicles are sure to stand out and above the rolling ground transportation rabble of taxis, shuttles, and any make or model of TNC stickered vehicles. But what if you want a black vehicle to assert itself from the inside out?

A 2016 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van, built by Battisti Customs, pulls this off with a tan leather interior and two captain's chairs that angle toward one another like on a talk show set. This all adds up to a brighter, friendlier interior for corporate chit-chat on the road. 

The eight-passenger Sprinter, being sold by Lakeview Custom Coach, is now available on for $93,550 at 878 miles.


Back to those captain's chairs. The van offers two sets, with a four-person bench seat separating them down one side. One set is positioned slightly toward each other, and the other set straight ahead with the seats separated by thick armrests and beverage holders. For companies that believe seating determines status, this floor plan can clarify any confusion or maneuvering on who sits where. 

Among other onboard benefits: A/C power outlets, mood lighting, window shades, leather seats, TV/DVD, wood floor with overlay mats, Maybach styled headliner, multi-zone lighting, good rear luggage, and complete beverage service and entertainment equipment.

But with amenities like that, passengers may not care who sits where.

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