Uber, Lyft Nightmares Are A Reality

Posted on August 12, 2016

Sex Offender Says He Had Active Account As Uber Driver: A Level 2 sex offender – convicted of rape of a child with force – was a driver for Uber until FOX25 investigates began questioning the app-driven ride sharing company. This is the second time FOX25 Investigates has found a registered sex offender driving for Uber. FOX25 article here

Man Posing As Lyft Driver Wanted For Murder: Arnold Pinilla called for a ride sharing service to get home safely from a restaurant in the early morning hours of July 31. But, the 34-year-old who loved soccer and family gatherings was later stabbed to death in the street after getting into a car driven by an imposter. CBS DFW article here

Woman Says Uber Driver May Have Witnessed Her Being Raped In Back Of His Vehicle: A woman believes an Uber driver may have witnessed her being raped by a man in the back of his vehicle in July — and also that the company and St. Louis police are dragging their heels in the investigation. Honolulu Star Advertiser article here

Uber Slammed In Lawsuit Over Accessibility By Brooklyn Woman Who Uses Wheelchair: A new lawsuit against Uber filed by a Brooklyn woman who uses a motorized wheelchair calls the TNC app’s service linking people in wheelchairs to accessible yellow and green taxis “a paltry smokescreen.” New York Daily News article here

Woman Alleges Uber Driver Called Her 'Slut', Kicked Her Out After Going Wrong Way: Frances Carbines, 27, claims when she had told the driver he was going the wrong way he became aggressive, calling her a "slut" and commenting on her short skirt, before telling her to get out of the car. Evening Standard article here

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  • James Pappas

     | about 4 years ago

    Uber could do a better job of screening drivers, sure. However, all these other stories are not unique to Uber. Why does LCT not publish issues with cabs and livery vehicles? As a chauffeur with two full decades of experience, I've seen all sorts of shady drivers and know of many instances of driver misconduct. Felony assault and rape charges included. Livery companies can at least act as a conduit for tracking down bad drivers and clients in extreme cases. Taxies rarely can. And Uber and Lyft are infinitely safer than taxis. That record of driver/client is there. Not so with taxis. For most of those bad stories, that is not on Lyft or Uber but carelessness on the part of the potential client. Clients are given every bit of information needed to get into the correct car. But no, LCT will demonize these rideshare services any chance they get. Use public hysteria to reach their goal. It's a joke. The smallest bit of common sense in seeing the root of these problems would show little fault on the part of the rideshares. The limo industry will continue to demonize these technologies and not address the problems of old school logistics in a consumer demanded technological society. It's pretty sad, guys. But keep fighting. If you're not going to adjust, might as well go down swinging...

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