Uber Drivers Get Frisky And Dangerous, Again

Posted on August 5, 2016

Woman Claims Uber Driver Lunged At Her, Shoved Tongue In Mouth: Kris Brix says she’s always liked the transportation network company because it’s fast and cheap. But she no longer feels safe alone at night with the drivers. After she took an Uber from the Redondo Beach Pier to her parked car in Marina del Rey and got out, so did the driver. “He lunged at me, grabbed me, started smashing his face, his mouth onto my mouth and shoving his tongue into my mouth. And I shoved him off me and I’m shouting, ‘No! No!" CBS Los Angeles article here

Three Tourists Using Uber Kidnapped In Rio Before Olympics: Three foreign tourists using an Uber cab in Rio de Janeiro were kidnapped and taken into one of the city’s most notorious favelas. Officers from the BOPE special-ops unit of the Military Police were said to be on an operation in Complexo do Lins, in Rio’s north zone, to rescue the tourists. The Sun article here

Study Debunks Claim That Uber Has Reduced Drunk Driving: A new study by USC and Oxford University researchers says Uber hasn't really had that large of an effect on drunk driving. LA Weekly article here

Uber Faces Ban In Taiwan: Treasury authorities said this week Uber's license could be revoked because it was registered as a software company, not as a taxi service. But hours later, the Executive Yuan government said it wanted to discuss options with Uber. BBC News article here

IS UBER REACHING THE BREAKING POINT? The Uber brand is at an inflection point. Sure, the company has a projected current gob smacking valuation of $68 billion. However, in the past year, Uber has been playing fast and loose with not only their drivers but their customers as well, and their very high profile, seemingly Teflon brand, may be set to unravel. Evidence is building. Forbes article here

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  • Anthony

     | about 4 years ago

    Using guber in any latin american country is simply NOT SAFE. If they dont do a real backround check in the usa, imagine who is really driving you. 68 billion dollar valuation is a joke, ratings should be made by actual sales #'s and losses for 2015 Guber is currently scrambling with a new earning schedule.... too late... you really cant change the rates your retail passengers have gotten used to paying

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