This Week In Uber: Discrimination And Lewd Activities

Posted on June 17, 2016

Uber Driver Allegedly Calls Man “Disgusting” For Kissing Male Friend: Drew Ezell, 28, told BuzzFeed News he had been doing karaoke with friends at the Laird Hotel in Melbourne, Australia before ordering an Uber home. Ezell claims the driver told him and his friend to get out of the car, saying, “I refuse to drive disgusting people like you,” because they had started kissing. Buzzfeed article here

Ontario Uber Driver Accused Of Sex Assault On Boy: Durham Regional Police say a 29-year-old man picked up the boy, who is under 16 years old, at an address in south Oshawa. After speaking with the boy, the driver reached over and touched his genitals, police alleged. They say he then stopped the vehicle and sexually assaulted the boy. Toronto Sun article here

Report Says Uber Drivers Involved In More Fatal Collisions Than Taxis: Uber cars were involved in more deadly crashes than yellow cabbies in the second half of 2015, according to data the Taxi and Limousine Commission released June 15. Cars affiliated with Uber were involved in five fatal collisions from July to December, though only one driver was found to be at fault, resulting in a suspension, according to the TLC. There was only one fatal crash involving a yellow cab in that time — last November when a driver struck and killed a pedestrian. The cabbie had been driving for 16 hours, with about two and half hours of rest time, the TLC said. New York Daily News article here

Uber To Pay $7.5M In Driver Background Check Lawsuit: The app-based car service has agreed to pay $7.5 million to settle yet another lawsuit brought forth by drivers. The San Francisco federal court case centered on allegations Uber terminated drivers after obtaining their background reports without authorization. PC Magazine article here

Uber Continues to Burn Through All Its Cash: Uber and its rivals are paying for their escalating price wars with money they’ve raised in debt and equity markets. And it’s getting harder to see how they’re all going to be able to pay it back. The TNC’s latest plan is to borrow up to $2 billion from U.S. leveraged-loan investors. While the company’s plans for the cash are unclear, most of its money has ultimately gone toward the same goal, which is to claim market share by undercutting its competitors with lower prices. Skift article here

Uber Likes Being Regulated As Long As It Can Write The Rules:  Uber has been vocal about condemning legislation that veers from its preferred template—such as requiring fingerprinting for drivers, or asking it to pay hefty operating fees. Uber denounces these bills as hurting competition and consumer choice. For a recent example, see Austin, Texas, which Uber departed in May after losing a referendum on ride-hailing rules it had deemed too restrictive. Quartz article here

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