Operator Involved In Party Bus Death Had Exit Door Violations

Posted on April 21, 2016

VANCOUVER, B.C. -- New information in the investigation of a woman who died after falling out of a party bus earlier this year reveals the limousine company has been cited for safety violations in the past.

CKNW AM 980 News article here

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  • Anthony

     | about 2 years ago

    We had another party bus death this weekend in a college town back east. The vehicle looks like an old airport shuttle that had odd left to right windows. The college student fell out of a window and was killed when vehicles ran into her. This is an example of how lucky the newport beach teen was when the tall party bus she was riding in and she fell out.. she survived the fall and was lucky not to get run over by rear tires of bus or by motorist on that high speed highway area. So our insurance rates will go up, a family has been hit by the life long pain of loosing their daughter while away at college !!!!!! I am angry at those junk bus operators that dont understand the business of limousine transportation. I know they make enough $$$!! To have a real vehicle and not a junk home made party bus. Folks..... this is the one that congress is going to be all over and unless we give them the right ideas they will come up with their own. Such as the california limo law for 5th door and escape hatch. The law should be changed for party bus industry. new operator = NEW PARTY BUS. no used vehicles allowed to be operated by new limo service. AGE LIMIT ON VEHICLES 6 years or newer. Old bus should be given a tax credit to operator to take to recycling yard and have it crushed like a can. I believe the window simply popped open with the girls weight..... i have personally sat in an old junk party bus, as soon as i sat on top of the seat back that window popped open!!!!!!

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