Boston Area Operator Runs For Suffolk County Sheriff

Posted on March 30, 2016

Photo provided by Alexander Rhalimi campaign.

Photo provided by Alexander Rhalimi campaign.

BOSTON — Alexander Rhalimi, CEO of Casablanca Coach Worldwide, has officially announced his candidacy for Suffolk County Sheriff. The 20-year Boston resident is running in the Democratic primary election on Sept. 8. The main election is Nov. 8.

The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department is responsible for the custody and control of sentenced inmates and pretrial detainees. The Sheriff’s Department oversees the Suffolk County Jail, the House of Correction, and the Suffolk County Community Corrections Center.

Deputy sheriffs serve court process, and the Sheriff’s Department officers occasionally work traffic details. Also, the Sheriff’s Department is active in community outreach and initiatives and builds partnerships involving criminal justice agencies, community-based organizations, schools and universities, community health agencies, and faith communities.

Rhalimi is a community focused, civically engaged leader with more than 17 years of management and leadership experience, a founder of Casablanca Coach Worldwide. He is also a partner associate in a renewable energy company that educates consumers across New England about their rights to choose clean, renewable energy.

Rhalimi earned his Master’s in Criminal Justice degree with Honors from Boston University in September 2012. He is certified in law enforcement skills, crime scene investigation, and legal studies and court process, all skill-based experiences necessary for the Sheriff post. He is an active member of the National Sheriff’s Association, the American Correctional Association and the American Jail Association.

Suffolk County (Mass.) Sheriff candidate Alexander Rhalimi with family and supporters.

Suffolk County (Mass.) Sheriff candidate Alexander Rhalimi with family and supporters.

Rhalimi serves on the Board of Directors of the East Boston Chamber of Commerce and ex-presses his passion for voluntary community service through fundraising for and civic leader-ship in Suffolk County non-profit organizations, including the East Boston Social Centers, the Salesian Boys and Girls Club of East Boston, and the Don Orione Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

“I have lived in Greater Boston for most of my life and in Suffolk County where I have the privilege of raising my young family,” he said in a statement. “As a husband and father, protecting those I love and care about is very important to me. My goal is to preserve the safe and lawful environment we all enjoy and want for our children and community. I will ensure the Sheriff’s Office will protect individual freedoms and property rights because these are core principles of modern law enforcement.

Alexander Rhalimi at the 2008 International LCT Show in Las Vegas.

Alexander Rhalimi at the 2008 International LCT Show in Las Vegas.

“I will be honored and humbled to serve and protect the people of Suffolk County,” he continued in the statement. “I am confident that I am well qualified to lead the men and women of Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office. I have the education, management and leadership expertise to effectively run the office accountably and transparently while addressing the numerous issues facing both our organization and our county.”

He said he would like to see a victim notification system implemented.

“As a strong advocate of public service, I am deeply concerned about how criminal justice systems respond intelligently and adapt to ever-changing societies,” he said in a statement. “Some offenders may be more likely to suffer from loss, mental distress, substance abuse, bodily harm, and even suicide. We must help crime victims rebuild their lives preventively, not merely to lock them up preventively. If elected to be your Sheriff, I want to implement a state of the art online victim notification system, known as VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday). This service allows victims to gather, 24 hours each day, timely and reliable information about the custody status of offenders. The Massachusetts Department of Corrections uses VINE.

“If elected, I will strive to be an exemplary public servant protecting and preserving the safety and quality of life of the people of Suffolk County,” he said in the statement. “I humbly request your vote in the primary on Thursday, Sept. 8, 2016.”

More information about Alexander Rhalimi for Sheriff can be found on his campaign website:

Source: AlexanderForSheriff press release; Facebook page

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