Scrutiny Intensifies For Uber In Wake Of Driver Killings

Posted on February 24, 2016

New questions are being raised about the safety of popular transportation network company Uber. In Kalamazoo, Jason Dalton confessed to killing 6 and injuring 2 others and did the shootings while driving for Uber.

WXYZ-TV ABC 7 Detroit article and video here

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  • Auntie Uber Juan

     | about 3 years ago

    I note Jasen Morley' comment here with wry irony in light of the facts that have been reported by numerous individuals who were actually uber passengers leading up to, including, and during the murderous rampage. Its is very telling that some one like Jason is so prematurely ready to deny and defend a multi national billion dollar corporation and and not lament the loss of innocent life due to the outlaw renegade modus operendi that has aided and abeted the tragic outcome we see here.

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