Accubuilt Recalls Limo Model Involved In Fatal 2013 Stretch Fire

Posted on January 13, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO — A specialty car manufacturer is recalling the limousine model involved in a 2013 fire that killed five nurses on a San Francisco Bay Area bridge.

Accubuilt is recalling about 1,000 limousines manufactured between Jan. 2, 1998 and July 21, 2005 because a rubbing driveshaft may increase the risk of fire. It's unclear if the recall is a result of the California fire in a 1999 Lincoln Town Car stretch limousine.

Associated Press/ABC News item here

Background: Limo fire: Deadly flames sparked by drive shaft; no charges filed. San Jose Mercury News article here

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  • shawn michael

     | about 5 years ago

    The car is sitting low because rubber burns in heat, and this was a hot fire so anything could be burn that burns, and if the heat was hot enough it could melt the steel. Yes overloading the vehicle could be a cause, I hate it when I hear clients call me looking for a 10 passenger, and so I ask them if they have 10 to which they will say yes, and I ask if they called another company and again yes, and so I have to explain to them, that yes, the car is known as a 10 passenger stretch, but it is misleading and that driver and front passenger is considered two of the 10, so that leaves 8. I also tell them, more then 8 is illegal if there is not enough seat belts for all, that extra weight is hard on the suspension, that it makes it hard to control steering, and lastly, it is uncomfortable being stuffed in the vehicle, and this is where I upsell one of the larger vehicles. anthony if a vehicle is properly maintained there would be no problems, but if a operator tries to cut corners and such then yes a vehicle should be taken off the road. take care of the vehicle, listen for unusual noises, have it checked over. One thing for me is that I like taking clients out, I also use these runs to see how a car is operating, to listen for anything or the feel of the car when driving, and take it in as soon as possible, my philosophy is the money I use on a tow job could have been used for preventative maintenance, now its being used for a tow and the repair, I want to eliminate the tow cost.

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