New GroundWidgets Product Empowers Limo Operators

Posted on February 20, 2014

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — GroundWidgets released its GroundOnDemand product Monday, an end-to-end solution to enable ground transportation provider to successfully compete with on demand apps in the marketplace.

The product was formally announced during the International LCT Show in Las Vegas this week.

“We are leading the market once again by delivering a complete custom branded solution that will empower our clients with the tools to compete with the "On Demand" Apps and intermediaries,” said Apurva Patel, CEO and Founder of GroundWidgets. “This will open up new source of revenues and improve fleet [usage].”  
The GroundOnDemand product solution is custom branded and consists of the following three components: Mobile and Web apps for customers, mobile app for the chauffeurs and drivers, and central dispatching and reporting platform.       
“The GroundOnDemand platform will enable industry operators to collaborate with their local and national affiliates to offer 'on demand' service in various markets and capture transactions they currently lose to other channels, Patel said.
GroundOnDemand is a custom-branded solution that offers the following benefits:

  • Open up new channel for OnDemand business in local markets
  • Generate more business for companies and chauffeurs.
  • Prevent chauffeurs from going to rogue on-demand service providers.
  • Mobile app for customers to order vehicles on demand based on their locations.
  • Real-time dispatching to chauffeurs who may be idle in between jobs and improve fleet usage.
  • Allows customers to use secure credit card payment so no cash is needed.
  • Allows customers to watch real-time driver tracking to their pickups and destinations.
  • Allows customers to enter the optional gratuity for exceptional service.
  • Allow customers to rate their chauffeurs and overall experiences on a 5-star scale.
  • Allow customers to view past trips, and manage payment options and preferences.
  • Real-time dashboards and reporting to monitor activity on the platform.  

Information: [email protected]; (201) 693-4150 x1011.

About GroundWidgets
GroundWidgets is an entrepreneurial technology company driven and managed by founding developers and technologists. It is exclusively focused on consulting and development of applications for the ground transportation industry harnessing the collective institutional knowledge of its founders and their experience of more than 25 years in the ground transportation industry.  

Source: GroundWidgets

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  • Robert Alexander

     | about 7 years ago

    This technology combined with the Santa Cruz software is a game changer!!! Traditional companies will face three choices, evolve (quickly), sell or perish! The I want it and expect now world is here. Embrace it or get left behind!!! Peace out!

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