Tech-Savvy Operator To Offer Seminar At ILCT Show

Posted on January 31, 2014

TORRANCE, Calif. — Michael Lindsey, the winner of LCT’s People’s Choice Award for Innovation and a software developer, will present a learning session on Feb. 16 during the International LCT Show in Las Vegas on his three software products that increase efficiency, save money, and guarantee a more productive environment for limousine businesses. is used in the ground transportation industry for managing affiliate relationships, and the sites membership has reached over 780 users.

“More and more companies are seeing the benefit of creating a custom profile for their company, and then with a simple “click” sharing that information with only the other companies they wish to share with” says Lindsey.  “It saves time, is efficient, and most importantly helps build a company’s local business through farm-in affiliate relationships and their out-of-town network farm-out relationships”. is a specific customer satisfaction and feedback program that offers companies detailed and specific feedback on all aspects of their business, and allows them to see how those results compare with others in their industry.  “Companies can spot trends in their service and address them as they are happening, before it is too late” says Lindsey, “and all the data can be easily exported for further analysis.” is the newest edition to Lindsey’s suite of software products.  “ is a game-changer” says Lindsey, “never before has the industry had such a product to easily manage chauffeur availability.”  With each employee constantly changing their availability and turning down work when they say they are available, it can be a full-time job just keeping up with it all. With each employee is responsible for maintaining their own schedule by logging onto a company specific website, and dispatchers simply use the site to assign work. also warns you of any expiring licenses or medical cards, alerts dispatchers to any special restrictions, and tracks availability and other information pertinent in an unemployment hearing. There is also a module for the office staff that handle PTO (Paid Time Off), and scheduling for the entire company.,, and Learning Session will held at the Int’l LCT Show in Las Vegas, at the MGM Grand at the following times and locations:

Sunday, February 16th at 9:10 am – 10:10 pm in Meeting Room 121

Monday, February 17th at 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm in Meeting Room 121

Sign-up Today! Space is limited so pre-register prior to the show, by going to

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