Angry Taxi Drivers Attack Uber Cars In Paris

Posted on January 14, 2014

PARIS, France — The rivalry between Paris cabbies and Uber turned violent this week, as striking taxi drivers began attacking cars booked through Uber and another private-hire service.

“Smashed windows, tires, vandalized vehicles, and bleeding hands,” passenger Kat Borlongan said on her Twitter feed, describing what happened after an Uber car picked her up at Charles de Gaulle Airport (aka Roissy Airport). “Attackers tried to get in the car, but our brave Uber driver maneuvered us to safety, changed the tire on the freeway, and got us home.”

Two other cars, booked through the local Chauffeur Privé service, were targeted in similar attacks near Orly Airport and the Montparnasse train station. “Eggs and stones were thrown, and there were violent blows that broke the cars’ windows and rear-view mirrors,” Chauffeur Privé said in a statement.

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  • The straight parrot

     | about 6 years ago

    Uber, Lyft and all these other rideshares are unregulated and illegal . Add that to the fact I see them all over Downtown where I live impeding traffic, making illegal u turns and all these drivers seem to be oblivious to their surroundings . I 'll bet it won't be too long until they are regulated like Taxis or finally the law will catch up to them and changes will have to be made or they will be shut down .

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