New York Cabbies Slam TLC Over Obamacare-Related Fee

Posted on November 22, 2013

NEW YORK -- Thousands of cab drivers have signed petitions protesting a mandatory fee officials say will pay for new health care services. A handful of cabbies delivered petitions with about 2,000 signatures to Taxi and Limousine Commission headquarters in Manhattan Wednesday.

New York Daily News article here

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  • frederick

     | about 7 years ago

    shame on everyone who allows themselves to get swept away by the slick salesman. healthcare for everyone is a wonderful goal, so is a chicken in every pot .. but outright dishonesty about the cost is unforgivable. did anyone really believe this was going to be some sort miraculous zero sum transformation or transaction? but this is what the people voted for, so time to fall in step and pay. maybe consider paying attention next time a politician says "trust me, it's going to be fine".

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