Uber Learns What It's Like To Mess With Texas

Posted on August 26, 2013

[UPDATE: 8/28 5:55 p.m. PT: Dallas Defends Use Of Police To Crack Down On Uber]

DALLAS -- Uber pulled into Dallas in one year ago, offering residents a ride with a few taps of an app. Drunk or stuck or just not sure where you are?

Fine by Uber, which uses your smartphone's GPS to track you down, send you the flat rate for getting from Here to There, and dispatch a nearby car-service driver, whose progress you can follow to all the way to the pick-up point.

The measure doesn't come out and say it's aimed directly at Uber, only that "the use of computer applications and other technologies by some providers of limousine service has distorted certain distinctions between limousines and taxicabs," and that it's high time the city "establish those distinctions to help the public understand the differences between those types of passenger transportation services." City Hall also wants to be able to regulate drivers being dispatched via app.

Dallas Morning News article here

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  • Rick @ CSL LIMO NYC

     | about 7 years ago

    First I would like to say Google has very little experience in ground transportation services and google should stick and focus with doing what they do best -search engine and other technological work but Uber has been caught up in the hypeUber & will lose money as a result France authorities dealt with Uber Colorado is dealing w/ Uber Texas ordinance has caught up w/ Uber taxi operation disguised under technology or Limo partner referal DC realized Uber as operating taxi w/ out appropriate licenses and designations Boston law suit LA law suit All of these added Legal fees will just be more expense and is Google ready to pay?? Forget about the robo car operation for now, open your eyes and see TODAYS REALITY

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