Illegal Limo Operators Try To Skirt State Safety Rules

Posted on August 7, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO -- The NBC News Bay Area Investigative Unit uncovered several limo companies in the Bay Area operating without a license and some under-reporting how many passengers they transport to skirt safety inspections for larger carriers.

Mark Stewart, president of the Greater California Livery Association, is interviewed in this report, which aired Tuesday evening.

KNTV NBC report and video here

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  • Rich

     | about 7 years ago

    I own a Limousine company and see this everywhere I go, In Wisconsin, I found over 60 companies that do not follow regulations. The state is trying to get a grip on this, as this is a state trooper issue and the local police and county's are not educated on this area. According to the State Troopers DOT Director, education is the main flaw on this problem. There are many companies that do know the regs in this industry, but choose to fly under the radar. Then there are some who start out not knowing the regulations. This is a nation wide problem in my opinion and there need to be more enforcement not more laws, because the laws are already in place and it is a very expensive industry to run. For anyone who tries to start this type of business, should do their research before getting into it. There is more to it than transporting passengers and this is not what some people claim they are doing it as a hobby. This is not a hobby, it is serious business as you put your passengers at risk if you do not maintain your vehicle according to regulations and carry the right insurance. Driver safety programs, and with the many new super stretch limousines, it takes skill, patients, alertness, and safe driving techniques to operate them. Our company personally have every driver go through a driver safety program before getting behind the wheel of a limousine.

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